Stone or block walls are distinctive features found in nearly every well designed landscape. Installing fixtures in these walls is a wonderful way to illuminate their beauty. One of the biggest challenges facing installers is the fact that once a light is mortared under the capstone, is is nearly impossible to remove . The same is true for the wires that run through walls. Thus, many fixtures must be installed during the landscape construction phase, which is labor intensive, and replacing bulbs in those fixtures can be hard as well. BQL (Best Quality Lighting) has 2 solutions to the problem of labor intensive, expensive, and long installation for wall, deck and step fixtures. The first is a new line of products called Thinline, which eliminate the junction box, allowing them to be mounted on the surface. Mounting brackets allow some fixtures to be replaced between hardscapes, such as bricks.

BQL - Dorado - LV81AB - LED.jpg
BQL - Lambda - LV84AB - LED.jpg

BQL - Lambda - LV84AB - LED

BQL - Dorado - LV81AB - LED

BQL - Richmond - LV85AB.jpg
BQL - Orion - LV86AB - LED.jpg

BQL - Orion - LV86AB - LED

BQL - Richmond - LV85AB

BQL - Pollux - LV57S - LED.jpg
BQL - Castor - LV56S - LED.jpg

BQL - Castor - LV56S - LED

BQL - Pollux - LV57S - LED

BQL - Taurus - LV53S - LED.jpg

BQL - Taurus - LV53S - LED