BQL offers a variety of well/in-ground lights, all of which can be used in almost any soft landscape type. These fixtures provide upwards illumination, though some offer adjustable angels and others have  limited openings for the light, which creates unique illumination angles. BQL offers miniature sized well lights, which at only 5" wide, are less intensive to mount, but still provide a large amount of light. The fixtures have sealed housings to prevent any moisture or other material from entering. These provide excellent accent lighting and can be used in so many different ways.

BQL - Indio - LV44.jpg
BQL - Metropolis - LV40.jpg

BQL - Metropolis - LV40

BQL - Indio - LV44

BQL - Troy - LV41.jpg

BQL - Vallejo - LV39

BQL - Troy - LV41

BQL - Ventura - LV38.jpg
BQL - Visalia - LV37.jpg

BQL - Visalia - LV37

BQL - Ventura - LV38